This page lists typical fees for the practice.  I encourage you to check fees elsewhere, but most practices do not post their fees.  Some practices such as low-cost, walk-in clinics do, but you may not be comparing apples to apples.  Walk-in clinics usually do not provide 24-7 call coverage for questions or problems you may have after the visit... or any guarantee of seeing a provider who knows you when you return.  Walk-in clinics definitely have their place, but don't provide the ongoing relationship or 'medical home' that provide the best health outcomes for patients.


Vist type and typical time spent
 Routine Charge*  Payment at time of service**
99202 New patient; 20 minutes
105.00 65.00   (for up to 15 minutes)
99203 New patient; 30 minutes
160.00 105.00   (for up to 30 minutes)
99204 New patient; 45 minutes
230.00 150.00 (for up to 45 minutes)
99205 New patient; 60 minutes
285.00 190.00 (for up to 60 minutes)
99212 Established patient; 10 minutes
65.00  65.00  (for up to 15 minutes)
99213 Established patient; 15-24 minutes
105.00  105.00  (for up to 30 minutes)
99214 Established patient; 25-39 minutes
150.00 150.00 (for up to 45 minutes)
99215 Established patient; 40-60 minutes
205.00 190.00 (for up to 60 minutes)
99384 New patient; Preventive exam age 12-17 based on time as above
99385 New patient; Preventive exam age18-39 182.00 based on time as above
99386 New patient; Preventive exam age 40-64 210.00 based on time as above
99394 Established patient; Preventive exam age 12-17 160.00 based on time as above
99395 Established patient; Preventive exam age 18-29 163.00 based on time as above
99396 Established patient; Preventive exam age 40-64
(does not include cost of processing pap smear)
180.00 based on time as above
Pap and breast exam only- 15 minute visit 80.00
Pap smear- charge for lab if paid to office 50.00
98966 Telephone Visit 5-10 minutes 30.00 25.00
98967 Telephone Visit 11-20 minutes 60.00 45.00
98968 Telephone Visit 21-30 minutes 90.00 55.00
99444 Online Email Visit 45.00 45.00
90880 Clinical Hypnosis 150.00 150.00 or as negotiated


*  The routine charge is determined by local insurance allowable rates for these codes.  Insurance generally reimburses a nurse practitioner 85% of the physician allowable rate.  Thus, fees here are generally less expensive and if you have a percentage based co-insurance type plan, you share in the savings with your insurance company.   Your insurance plan may 'allow' a somewhat lower rate than listed above and if I am a contracted provider with that plan, I accept their rate and do not "balance bill" you for the rest.  I do not contract with all plans due to excessively low allowable rates that do not cover the overhead of doing business.  Please note that the time examples are not set in stone, the visit level is also determined by complexity of the problem and associated risk (like chest pain is more complex and risky to evaluate than finger pain).

** If you make payment at the time of service and I do not bill insurance (per your request or because you are private pay), the fee is less than the routine charge.  The reasons for the difference in rates are the many advantages of receiving payment at the time of service.  Each insurance claim sent costs a few dollars (plus additional costs for re-submissions such as when your insurance information changed and we failed to update that before billing).  Processing and sending statements is costly and often multiple statements are sent before payment is received in the office.  The longer it takes to collect on the charge, the less likely the charge will be paid... These are some of the hidden costs a provider incurs in an insurance-based payment system.  With payment at the time of service (for those not insured or not billing insurance) there is no"bad debt". And, the value of having payment upfront rather than waiting months for it is "priceless"!

Fees for 'Payment at the time of service' mean just that.  If you cannot pay in full at the time of service, a payment plan can be arranged but the charge will be the higher routine charge.