First Lab is a low cost way to get many common lab tests done. It is only offered through Community Hospital's lab.


How it works:

You simply show up at Community's outpatient lab - no appointment needed. The outpatient lab is just off the lobby of the main building entrance. You pay for the lab at the time of service. Insurance is NOT billed and you cannot send in a claim on your own. However, the cost is usually reimbursed by flex acccounts and health savings accounts. You save up to about 50% of the cost that would be billed to insurance.

How you get results:

Results will be mailed to you within a week- often in as little as 3 days. You can pay extra to have results mailed to me, but generally it isn't worth it. You can send me results by fax, email, dropping off a copy.

How to decide when to use First Lab:

You should not use First Lab if we need your results the same day or next day. First Lab does not offer every lab test we might want- so sometimes you need to go the traditional route for those.

First Lab is a great resource when you have a high deductible plan or don't plan to meet your normal deductible as most insurances apply your lab charges to your deductible before they make any payment. It also saves you money if you are having lab done that your insurance might not cover (like a Vitamin D level).


In the Main Building just off the lobby as you enter:
                Community Medical Center Campus
                2827 Fort Missoula Road
                Missoula, MT  59804


Monday–Friday: 6:30am 5:30pm
Saturdays: 8:30am  1:00pm

View the First Lab brochure and available tests here.