Palomar's Starlux Intense Pulsed Light System

This system was chosen for our procedures because of its effectiveness, safety and comfort to the
patient. Unlike laser hair removal, which can be more uncomfortable without built-in cooling, the Starlux
has built-in cooling.  The chill-tip cools to 4 degrees centigrade when in contact with your skin- that means
you feel less of the hot/snapping sensation.  Patients are impressed with how comfortable it is and with
the results they see!

How it works:

IPL and laser work in similar ways to target the "root" of the hair. The "root" picks up the light as it
penetrates the skin and turns it to heat. The heat destroys the "root" and thus, no further hair growth
occurs at that follicle.

It gets tricky though... hair goes through stages of actively growing and resting. Resting hairs do not have a
very large "root".  And what "root" is present does not have much color to it.  The light is picked up by the
color- so a larger "root" that has deeper color will be a more effective target.  At any one time, a section of
skin may have anywhere from 20-80% of the hair in the resting phase.  It may take 4-20 weeks for all of
those resting hairs, to resume actively growing.  When we treat an area one time, we are able to achieve
"disabling" up to 80% of the actively growing hairs.  So you can see, we would need to do multiple
treatments over time to be successful in reducing the hair effectively.

Why we use the term reduction rather than removal:

No system can totally remove all hair from an area.  And, in some areas, new hair will start to grow over
time if hormones stimulate new growth.

Is it permanent?

The FDA closely controls what one can claim about each specific device.  The Palomar Starlux has been
approved to market as a permanent method of hair reduction.  Palomar has data showing up to 7 years of
significant reduction in hair.

How is your office different than the medi-spas or "high-end" cosmetic practices?

I added cosmetic services to my practice in 2006 due to a growing demand by my patients and my own
interest in it as I saw the effects of aging on my skin.  I like the concept of using light therapy to stimulate
improvements in skin as well as to treat skin problems such as acne, rosacea and some pre-cancerous
lesions.  By adding cosmetic services, I am meeting the needs of my patient population and they
appreciate it because they know me and trust me.  Yes, it is a way to bring in more revenue (always nice)
but that extra revenue actually helps me keep the medical side of my practice running the way I like it to
run: more time for each individual visit!  By adding cosmetic services, I don't feel the need to run patients
through with short appointments, just to pay the overhead.  Lastly, I could charge higher rates for the
cosmetic services but I choose to keep the rates more affordable so more people can afford their benefits.
How do I set up an appointment?

You can schedule online using the appointments link on the menu bar at left or click here. Schedule a 15
minute visit for a free IPL consult. Just type in free IPL consult as the reason for the visit when asked.  At that
visit, we review the procedure and expected results and finalize the price.  Since there can be a wide range
of how dense the hair is, how much area it covers for a given body site etc, we finalize the fee during the
free consult.  If you are choosing to do more than one body area, discounts are offered for additional site

How much does it cost?

As we mentioned above, the final price is determined at your first consult.  Our fees are lower than
advertised fees elsewhere in Missoula.  Not because we don't value the service we deliver, but because
we keep our overhead low (nice office but not glitzy; limited staff) AND because Carla believes in offering a
great value for your dollar.  That is what she wants for herself and what she tries to deliver in her practice.  
We will honor any written price quote from other offices if it is lower than our quoted fee.