My goal is to provide primary care service in the best way possible. More than any other speciality, primary care is built on an ongoing relationship between provider and patient. It should be a mutually satisfying relationship that supports us both. I believe that primary care should be delivered in a seamless, convenient, and effective manner. It should not be limited to just office-based visits or seeking care only when you're ill. It should not be fragmented by going to Urgent Care or Discount Doc in the Box clinics that don't share your record with your primary care provider and who don't put the puzzle pieces together because they don't know your medical history. You should have access to the provider who knows you and your medical history pretty much 24-7 (with rare exclusions).

Towards that end, I am very happy to now offer a membership plan to Health Solutions. Membership provides many benefits to you and supports the model of care in my practice we both enjoy.  Though not everyone will choose to participate in the membership option, most of my patients will appreciate the benefits and find membership to be invaluable in achieving their optimal health.

There are two levels of membership.

The Bronze Option ($75/year) benefit: 

How do you make sense of all the health information available on the internet and media outlets? Do you ever wonder if there is more to the story than what the article is suggesting? Do you make major changes to your health habits based on the latest headlines?  The media promotes sensational articles and provides very little detail or perspective on "the whole story"... without that, you cannot make informed decisions about your health.

I can help you sort through it all but it isn't financially feasible for you to schedule a visit every time you have a question. And when you do come in, we usually have so much to do and talk about, many of your questions about these types of things still go answered.

So, to be more proactive and to reach out to you, a monthly newsletter will be the primary core benefit of membership. Each month I will review a topic in detail that helps you achieve optimal health. Topics will vary, but some examples will be hormones, thyroid health, breast cancer prevention, vitamin deficiencies, omega-3 supplements, healthy cooking oils, understanding cholesterol, best exercise practices, and more.

Additional mailings on topics pertinent to your personal health situation and topics in the news will be sent above and beyond the monthly newsletter so you have information when you need it and want it. So, if you have high blood pressure you will receive the topics regarding blood pressure or if you have high cholesterol, you'll receive the topics specific to cholesterol. I'll also use the mailings as a way to notify you of possible prescription cost savings options when I learn about them (for example, in the last 8 months I've been helping some of my patients on hormones save $600+ per year). 

The Gold Option ($250/year*) benefits:

Includes the Newsletters above and the following:
Enhanced Patient Portal 

All patients in the practice will have access to basic portal options such as notification of normal labs and secure messaging. Those who choose the Gold Option will have access to an enhanced patient portal. The enhanced portal provides:
1) Secure access to your records that include all labs and specialist consultation reports.
2) Visit notes from the date of your membership forward will be included in your portal, if you wish.
3) Secure email delivered seamlessly to my system that allows for ongoing conversations as part of non-covered services explained below when needed and appropriate.

One hour per year of "Non-Covered Services"

Non-covered services (NCS) is a term for services that your insurance plan does not cover.  Most insurance plans do not cover phone visits or email visits, but the membership plan includes up to one hour of my time spent with you in those types of exchanges each year. Other common NCS is my time spent outside your visits in justifying the use of certain prescriptions or diagnostic tests so your insurance plan will cover more of their cost (pre-authorization), completion of forms outside office visits, and writing letters to explain previous medical issues for health insurance applications that have been denied. As a member, the hour of NCS time included in your membership covers my time meeting your needs in all of these services. Non-members are charged separately for each service as outlined in the Financial Policy.

My goal is to provide stellar customized service that goes above and beyond what you find in the typical primary care office.  There is a move throughout primary care to put the patient at the center of care, but in reality in other practices, the service is still pretty much the same with fragmentation and lack of continuity with your provider.

Your membership fee supports the ability of my practice to provide that continuity to you while going above and beyond expectations. It also supports the direct access you and others have to me essentially 24-7 and the open access scheduling that allows for timely visits of appropriate length to meet your needs.
The actual value of this hour of non-covered services is $180.

And there is more...
Website access

A members only section of the practice website will provide tools and resources (as they are developed) to help with simple medical problems such as insomnia, elevated blood pressure, treatment for colds and viruses and more. My goal is to provide you with access to my customized advice in a 24-7 format. Sure, you can find advice elsewhere online, but is it good advice?

All newsletters will be archived on the website and searchable (not available for Bronze Option).

Discounts on other services
Targeted Online Coaching Programs for Healthy Habits Online  as developed: 33% off
Cosmetic Services: 20% off most cosmetic services (a $52 value on 20 units of Botox and more than $150 saved on 3 typical treatments!)
Lab work (when not billed through insurance; discount varies)


The membership program is one small step that helps to preserve my ability to provide the one-on-one interaction, longer appointment times, and access to the provider (not the nurse or receptionist) that most of my patients have come to expect.  Membership still allows us to utilize the insurance-based reimbursement system (rather than implementing a strictly cash-practice concierge model) while receiving the benefits of a concierge model!   As health care law evolves and is implemented over the next 2 years, there will likely be an opportunity to take this further and provide you with even more value. I'm thrilled to be able to offer this step now.

The program is optional and not everyone will want to take advantage of it. It is designed for those who
  • are actively engaged in optimizing their health, 
  • are interested in preventive care, 
  • desire access to their health information, and 
  • enjoy the ease of the back and forth e-mail conversations and phone calls without chopping it up into billed units at every turn. 

Your membership fee, or a portion of it, may be eligible for payment from your health savings account (HSA). Please contact your HSA administrator for information regarding that possibility.
The Bronze Option payment is paid as a one time fee. If you leave the practice, a pro-rated refund will be given.

The Gold Option payment  is $250 per year paid in full, or if paid in installments, $25 per month, or $75 quarterly. You may cancel at anytime. If canceling after full payment, a pro-rated refund will be made for the number of remaining months in your membership (minus time remaining in the month of notification). Quarterly and monthly memberships will not receive refunds but will run to the end of their paid time. If cancelation is made within 30 days of initial membership on any payment plan, a full refund (minus $25 Patient Portal set-up cost) will be made.

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