Good Rx

This is my favorite first stop for checking prices on Rxs and looking for discounts. Good Rx is a discount service that often saves up to 50% when using a coupon you can print from their site. Does not apply when using insurance but their prices may beat your insurance prices. Prices may change from month to month- check online before refills to avoid surprises. When I've used it, the pharmacy enters GoodRx info into my file like it is insurance and I don't need to bring in a coupon each month.

Prescription Assist - local organization

Locally in the Missoula area, there is an organization called RxAssist. For a small fee, they will help you apply and manage interactions through the patient assistance programs.  Their phone is 829-3993 and email is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




NeedyMeds is a nonprofit web-based resource that offers free information about patient assistance programs. In response to the growing needs of advocates and patients, NeedyMeds recently added a free clinics database to its website and started an online forum, NeedyMeds Forum, for patient advocates.

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The Rxrelief Card is a prescription discount card that is sort of like a grocery store discount card- but its accepted at almost all chain pharmacies.  Savings often range up to 40% or more- sometimes even on generics.  The card is free and transferrable. The company states that they make their money because the pharmaceutical company pays them a small amount for each prescription that is purchased in connection with use of the card.  They state they do NOT collect any personal information- however, they are a little more vague about whether they collect non-identifiable aggregate information.  If you use a grocery store card, which collects a LOT more information about you than this card ever could or would, then I would feel comfortable using this card.


There are other discount cards as well- many that are free. Some states and employers are developing their own (I think these are often something like the Rxrelief Card rebranded). But, discounts may vary between cards and even between pharmacies with the same card.  Here is a link to an ABC News story about the savings on these types of cards.

Another good resource that offers both a discount card and a directory to patient assistance programs is RxAssist.


Together Rx Access is an organization of pharmaceutical companies that offer discounts on their brand name products. Often, there is a generic option that is less expensive, or if you qualify by income guidelines, many of these medications are available at no cost through the company's individual patient assistance program which can be found through the Needy Meds link below.  However, when those options are not available, this program may offer good savings. 

To look up your specific prescription, check out their DRUG LIST here.  Use the alphabet index in the upper left to search for your prescription.




Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) is a clearinghouse for more than 475 public and private assistance programs, including nearly 200 offered by pharmaceutical companies. Those who are eligible for the Together Rx Access Card may qualify for additional savings on prescription medicines, or even free medicines, through other assistance programs in the PPA. The PPA also connects people to free health clinics in their community.

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Costco Pharmacy has great prices on Rxs- often the online pharmacy price beats the local warehouse price. When shopping at the local warehouse, sign up for their discount program for those not using insurance. It saves you even more! Costco Pharmacy Discount Drug List



RxAssist  provides its own version of a mail-order discount pharmacy and serves as a database for patient assistance programs from the pharmaceutical companies.